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Celebrating National Poetry Month 2021

Celebrating National Poetry Month 2021

From top left to right, clockwise:  Marie Howe, Mark Doty, Richard Blanco, Campbell McGrath, Denis Duhamel. Photos & Design: Raymond Elman.  Photo of Denise Duhamel by Amira Hadla.


To celebrate National Poetry Month 2021 and the O, Miami Poetry Festival 2021, ArtSpeak has mashed together video recorded poetry readings by notable poets Campbell McGrath, Marie Howe, Richard Blanco, Denise Duhamel, and Mark Doty.

For more information about O, Miami and National Poetry Month activities, check out the following websites:

O, Miami Poetry Festival

The Betsy Hotel

The videos below are organized by poet and run between 44 seconds and 4 minutes. Tap on any video. You must be connected to the Internet to view the videos.



From XX:  Poems for the Twentieth Century.  Picasso, 1973.


MARIE HOWE:  0:44 sec.

From Magdalene.  Magdalene at the Theopoetics Conference.




From Looking for the Gulf Motel.  Sitting on My Mother’s Porch in Westchester, Florida.



DENISE DUHAMEL:  2:31 min.

From Scald:  On the Occasion of Typing My First Email on a Brand-New Phone



MARK DOTY:  3:53 min.

From Deep LaneDeep Lane (Into Eden . . .)



Five Poets

Poets (clockwise): Ashley M. Jones, Yaddyra Peralta, Nick Vagnoni (by Gesi Schilling), Cherry Pickman, Ricardo Pau-Llaso (by Liam Crotty).


Ricardo Pau-Llosa


Cherry Pickman


Yaddyra Peralta


Ashley M. Jones


Nick Vagnoni


Five More Poets

From top left, clockwise: Ellene Glenn Moore, Steven Karl, Caroline Cabrera, Ariel Francisco, Zain Aslam.


Caroline Cabrera


Ariel Francisco


Steven Karl


Zain Aslam


Ellene Glenn Moore