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Movie Review: “The Whale”

Movie Review:  “The Whale”





Kris and Jose will be posting movie reviews and concept discussions from their “I Married a Film Snob” YouTube channel in this space on a periodic basis.  Jose is a film scholar and Kris is a film enthusiast.  Together they have viewed MANY films — from Charlie Chaplin’s silent black & white classic “Modern Times” to today’s current releases.  Jose studied Film Theory at University of Miami, has produced/directed short films and documentaries, and in the past co-ran the Cosford Cinema for 3 years showing classics, foreign/indie films, and new releases. Throughout the years, Kris has expanded her palette and come to appreciate a diverse array of genres and artistic films, thanks to Jose’s “home film school”, and is now just as adept at breaking down and deconstructing film analysis.

Kris and Jose’s well-honed insights will expand your thinking about the films they discuss.

Stay tuned.


— Raymond Elman, ArtSpeak founding editor-in-chief


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THE WHALE:  14:50 min.  

Brendan Fraser earned a 2022 Best Actor Academy Award for this performance as a 600 pound man trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter. A24’s The Whale is the latest from cult favorite filmmaker Darren Aronofsky and one of my most anticipated films of the fall. Well, we saw The Whale on Christmas Day… of all days. The feel bad movie of the year that somehow succeeds! Here’s our review. Husband and wife duo discuss the cinematography, writing, and acting performances of The Whale.


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