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The BEST Way to Experience ArtSpeak

The BEST Way to Experience ArtSpeak



SEVENTEEN complimentary editions of our Inspicio Arts branded e-Magazine are ready for installation and download to your Apple iPad (preferably) and iPhone from the Apple App Store.  The first edition of our ArtSpeak branded e-Magazine (Volume 9, Number 2) will be published in November, 2023.



From your iPad desktop or iPhone desktop, tap on the App Store icon.  Search for “inspicio” in the App Store and follow instructions.


We should note that ever since the Covid-19 pandemic gripped the world, we have been recording video interviews via Zoom. While the videos present the same high-quality, in-depth content you have come to expect from ArtSpeak, the quality of the Zoom-recorded video and audio is similar to the mixed results we see every day on TV news programs.


THE CURRENT EDITION OF INSPICIO ARTS features stories & video interviews with Cuban-American artist JOSÉ BEDIA; POLITICO editor and journalist ELANA SCHOR; iconic architect MOSHE SAFDIE; jazz trailblazer LEON FOSTER THOMAS; renown international tenor ARTURO CHACÓN-CRUZ; BILL BAGGS biographer AMY PAIGE CONDON; filmmaker PHIL GRABSKY; JOHANN ZIETSMAN, President and CEO of the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County; JOEL HOFFMAN, executive director of Vizcaya Museum & Gardens; author NICHOLAS GRIFFIN; and cartoonist JULIANA TRIANA.

Throughout history, the arts and humanities have been an instrument for identifying, discussing, and enacting positive social change. I hope what you read, hear, and see in ArtSpeak adds value to your appreciation of the arts in Miami and South Florida.

– Raymond Elman, founding editor-in-chief